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A woman discovers the barriers that exist in her life after responding to a wrong number. 

Short film written and directed by Sharri Hefner.


Social Equity

Social Equity - a feature length documentary -  follows an African American woman, Chonsie Bullock, who was previously jailed due to the criminalization of marijuana, as she fights to keep her dispensary business — competing against real estate prospectors, Wall Street investors, and fortune 500 companies — as she navigates Los Angeles’ newly-formed and ever-changing Social Equity program designed to offer reparations to those most affected by the War on Drugs. Directed by Sharri Hefner.



A former military intelligence officer seeks vigilante justice for his sister by pursuing the men who drove her to take her own life.



 Chris is an evangelical Christian with an unquestioned belief that God is present in everything. When his teenaged son commits suicide, his whole worldview is thrown out of balance. As Chris struggles to find stability, he also faces the subtle but insistent pressure from his community to trust in God. Any step he takes away from his faith disrupts his sense of normalcy. But the world increasingly seems ambivalent and unjust to him, so he’s left to decide whether to return to the comfortable, or accept the indifference of it all.


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